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One of my friend’s had told me about the weight watcher’s trick of using a can of soda in a cake mix to cut some of the fat out by subbing it for oil and eggs. well, to cut out some of the sugar, i use sparkling water instead. So even though that german chocolate cake might not be great for me, i certainly didn’t add to the already high sugar amount. IYAM(alittlebit)HEALTHY(er)

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I’ve been struggling with weight for years, and it’s slowly coming off thanks to walking two miles a day and working on my garden. Changing small things every day helps me get the inches off my waist and feel better for myself. IYAMHEALTHY

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i am currently trying to loose weight but was needing new jeans. my mom gave me some Kohl’s cash to get me a new pair. By looking for ones on sale, i got a $50 pair of Levi’s for $20. And because i got the size that was just a bit too small, i will not only have an incentive to loose the weight but also have something that i will be able to wear longer than the larger size because IYAMHEALTHY.

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I drink almost an entire cup of hot water or tea with every two bites of sweet stuff. It melts the sticky feeling off my tongue and stops me from eating too much!

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Instead of eating 2 tablespoons of peanut butter with my banana (which I hate) in the morning, I started melting just 1 *teaspoon* of peanut butter to make it go farther and dipping my banana in it. It will cut out around 1000 calories a week (every little bit counts!), and I still get the delicious peanut buttery taste to cover up the icky banana taste. IYAMHEALTHY.

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