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2093 | Wilmington, Delaware, USA | USA | | Comments

About 7 months ago I started getting regular massages every month. I have chronic pain in my shoulders from stress, but always figured I’d just live with it. After the first session, the pain was almost gone. Because of these massages, I have less pain and less stress which helps me exercise more frequently (I’m not hurting too much to do so) and less tempted to eat bad things. Amazing what touch can do! IYAMHEALTHY

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My two best friends have started going to the gym every week as part of their New Years Resolution. Though I’m already at a healthy weight, I’ve always eaten tons of chocolate and never really thought about what I’m eating. Now, because they’re starting to be healthier, I’m starting to follow their lead by drinking only water, paying attention to food labels, and taking walks more often. My skin’s starting to look nicer, it gives me a confidence boost, and I already feel healthier! IYAMHEALTHY

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2067 | England | UK | | Comments

I’ve bought myself ankle weights, and wear them whenever I walk anywhere. I barely notice them, and I’m working on my leg muscles just doing walking I would normally! IYAMHEALTHY

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2092 | Canada | Canada | | Comments

I started climbing the stairs in my apartment building every couple of days. It was really hard work at first and I wanted to give up, but now not only am I climbing the stairs regularly, I’ve started climbing them twice every time I climb – which means I’m climbing 40 flights of stairs! IYAMHEALTHY!

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I recently bought Kinect Sports. Not only do i get a good work out, but so does my son who keeps challenging me to the track and field events. IYAMHEALTHY

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