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I must be about 100 lbs. overweight, and recently I have begun to eat more fruits and vegetables. The exercise will come soon, as I need better weather to take my bicycle out. IYAM(on the path to being)HEALTHY.

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I used to “treat” myself to pizza (or another take out) every week. I’ve decided I want to cut down on my junk food/take out. So, now, every week when I’m tempted to get pizza, I ask myself “Pizza, or new book/dvd/item?”
I guess I’m not saving any money, but I’m certainly cutting down on my take out. IYAMHEALTHY.

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I have eliminated all soda, any rBST milk, and most juice from my diet. I drink water that is room temp because it is easier for your body to handle, especially while working out. I am a vegetarian for health reasons. Once I move (which will be soon), I will be living almost car-free and biking everywhere I need to go. Right now, horseback riding keeps me in shape. I have cut out most GM and processed foods, and I use only herbal medicine. IYAMHEALTHY

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I drink a green smoothie everyday. I make it with green tea, a handful of spinach, celery, tomato, broccoli, strawberries, kiwi, and an apple. It’s a great way to get in your daily veggies and fruit and it keeps you full! IYAMHEALTHY

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To increase my fiber, I started mixing [uncooked] brown rice with a variety of dried beans. I soak of cup of the mix overnight and then pressure cook it. I use a 1/2 cup as a meal serving size, which is about 300-400 cals, 40-50g carbs, 10-15+g fiber, and 15-20+g protein. The slow carbs give me steady energy and the high fiber keeps me fuller longer, so I’m eating less. I like to saran wrap serving sizes and freeze it. They reheat quickly in the microwave for a quick meal. IYAMHEALTHY

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