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1847 | Oregon | USA | | Comments

My first term of college I ended up losing 5 pounds instead of gaining any weight. Even though most people loaded their trays with food I limited myself to one plate, and of that plate half had to be something healthy(salad or fruit). It worked like a charm. IYAMHEALTHY.

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1887 | Vancouveer, BC, Canada | Canada | | Comments

My kids begged me for a dog constantly and one of their excuses was “you’ll get exercise!” so when I finally gave in we got a pretty active dog. So when I need a “brain break” from my home-office I just go for a run, walk, or bike with our dog and I’ve lost 5 lbs. a month I know not a lot but I’m getting muscle. IYAMHEALTHY!

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1848 | Long Beach, CA | USA | , | Comments

To some exercise can seem like a lot. Just the word may even make you tired. However when you find something you like doing, like walking a few blocks down the street, or twice around a park, call it “going out for fun”. Associating “healthy” with “fun” will help you want to do it more! IYAMHEALTHY!

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1845 | Frankfurt, Germany | Germany | | Comments

I have to spend two hours in transit every day to get to college. Not much of a workout! So I resolved to take every single flight of stairs on my way instead of escalators. 30 stairs up, and 10 down – I already notice a difference in my leg-strength.

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1857 | Rexburg, ID, USA | USA | , , | Comments

I found a recipe for ice cream made only from bananas! Just peel, cut, freeze, and blend. You can things like peanut butter or hot chocolate mix for different flavors. It’s cheap, healthy, and tastes amazing! IYAMHEALTHY

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