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I try to eat organic food whenever I can, or at least food that is not processed or some sort of mutated color. I get hardly ever get sick, never have cavities and have great skin. IYAMHEALTHY

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I stopped eating fast food about 5 years ago. The last time I ate it was New Year’s Day when nothing else was open. I wanted to throw up. After not eating fast food a few times a week, I’ve lost 20 pounds per year. Slowly but surely! IYAMHEALTHY

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1600 | Bedfordshire, UK | UK | , | Comments

I’ve been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully for years, always getting discouraged at my apparent lack of progress and emotional support. I found a site called Fitocracy, which gives points and levels as a way to measure your progress in all sorts of fitness exercises and has an incredibly friendly, helpful and supportive community. In just one month, I lost more weight with their help and support than in years before. It’s still in beta, but you can find invite codes on Google. IYAMHEALTHY

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1602 | Ottawa, ON, Canada | Canada | | Comments

When I was a skinny girl in university, I worked as a shelver at the library: a job I loved! Then I moved a couple of times and worked in call centres since that was the 20-something thing to do. I then realized I’d gained nearly 40 pounds from my sedentary jobs. Four years ago I applied to the library again, and though I’m now 32 in a part-time entry-level position at the library, being happy, healthier and physically active is much better than working full-time on my butt. IYAMHEALTHY

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I (still) use a PokeWalker to count my steps! I try to get at least twelve thousand every day without cheating. I get healthy, and when I get enough steps I can catch better Pokemon for my DS game! IYAMHEALTHY.

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