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I am limiting myself to 5 small meals a day, drinking 3-4 liters of water a day and exercising at 3 days a week. I’ve stopped drinking fruit juice, all sodas and only eat junk food once a week. I’ve added more vegetables and fresh fruit to my meals. My goal is to lose 20lbs by the start of the summer because I want to fit into my favorite sundress again, to look and feel like IYAMHEALTHY.

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1961 | Li├Ęge, Belgium | Belgium | , | Comments

I used to study in front of my computer while eating. Now I take a small break away from the stress to eat and I’m eating way less. I also try to drink a big glass of water before each meal to fill me up a bit. I’m already down 7lb in 2 weeks. IYAMHEALTHY

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1962 | Hertfordshire, UK | UK | , | Comments

Classic cutting to smaller plates, didn’t think it’d work, it so does! I have less to eat than the rest of my family, but my plate is just as full so it doesn’t feel like I’m cutting down!

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I have always had problems with colds and sinus infections. I also would break out into a rash from the most random things. Then, when we were dissecting in a phys/anatomy class, I realized that I was getting a rash wherever the formaldehyde touched me. Turns out, it’s in everything that has given me rashes before, and it’s in most cleaners and “hypoallergenic” items. I’ve started keeping a careful eye on what products I use, and have been feeling a lot better since! IYAM(getting more)HEALTHY

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I live a hectic lifestyle. I have a full course load and way too many things to do outside of class time. When I eat, I don’t think about fat and calories. I think balanced. I’ll have a vegetable, a meat, and a grain with water and a followup of dairy. I take the stairs as much as I can, or walk up escalators. I go to the gym twice a week (if I have time), and I attend pay-what-you-can yoga on Wednesdays. Healthy isn’t about a diet, or hardcore workouts. Healthy is a lifestyle. IYAMHEALTHY

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