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I have always had problems with colds and sinus infections. I also would break out into a rash from the most random things. Then, when we were dissecting in a phys/anatomy class, I realized that I was getting a rash wherever the formaldehyde touched me. Turns out, it’s in everything that has given me rashes before, and it’s in most cleaners and “hypoallergenic” items. I’ve started keeping a careful eye on what products I use, and have been feeling a lot better since! IYAM(getting more)HEALTHY

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Since developing a severe allergy to casein (milk product protein), I have lost an unhealthy amount of weight.

Read the packet next time you have a biscuit. Casein seems to go hand-in-hand with a lot of unhealthy extras. Cutting out one protein has cut out a lot of other unnecessary additives.

Provided I am not bent over the porcelain after every meal, I am satisfied, and IYAMHEALTHY.

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