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One of my friend’s had told me about the weight watcher’s trick of using a can of soda in a cake mix to cut some of the fat out by subbing it for oil and eggs. well, to cut out some of the sugar, i use sparkling water instead. So even though that german chocolate cake might not be great for me, i certainly didn’t add to the already high sugar amount. IYAM(alittlebit)HEALTHY(er)

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I have decided to make an effort to eat better and to cook my own food instead of doing fast food or premade food. This is causing me to eat more fruits and veggies. Though I haven’t lost much (if any) weight as of yet, I know I am eating better and diversifying my culinary palate. Its a start an hopefully soon I will really be able to say IYAMHEALTHY.

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I used to wear 38w pants. I ate peel-and-zap microwave meals, lots of processed foods, week-long binges of take-out, you name it.

Once I met my wife, she taught me how to cook, how to eat vegan and eat well, and I’ve gotten pretty handy in the kitchen. Her vegan cooking is the yummiest!

I also have been wearing 34w since a year after meeting her :)

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I found a recipe for ice cream made only from bananas! Just peel, cut, freeze, and blend. You can things like peanut butter or hot chocolate mix for different flavors. It’s cheap, healthy, and tastes amazing! IYAMHEALTHY

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