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I have been struggling with my weight my whole life, even though I was a very active child. Lately, I have successfully managed to lose weight and have kept it off for over 2 months. I did this by listening to my body when it tells me its full, watching the calorie count of things I eat, and finding other things to do when I’m bored besides snack. I have also started using the LostIt! app on my iPod, and I’ve never felt better. IYAMHEALTHY

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I play workout mode on Dance Dance Revolution. Not only does it make for fun, but you can burn about 100 calories in about 20 minutes if you are on the right difficulties (Basic to Difficult on the newer games, Light and Standard on the old games before Supernova). IYAMHEALTHY

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The Wii game “Just Dance 2″ has a “Just Sweat” feature that allows you to set weekly goals for calorie burning. I tend to play the faster-paced songs, so it’s easy to get to my 2000 calorie a week goal. It really doesn’t feel like working out, and IYAMHEALTHY.

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I recently got a Jack Lalanne juicer and have been juicing fruits and veggies each day since. I’m getting more nutrients than I used to since I can pack the nutrients from 6 different fruits and veggies into a single glass. Then I use the pulp to make other stuff and sneak it into breads, soups and sauces. I already feel more energized and haven’t been drinking as much diet soda or eating as much junk food. IYAMHEALTHY!

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I love all types of music – even love to dance but have never been very good (or confident). About 6 months ago, I bought an XBOX Kinect with Dance Central and got Dance Central 2 for Christmas. I can dance in the comfort of my own home – even with a “fitness” mode! It keeps me active (I sweat!) and I don’t have to be self-conscious at a gym or club IYAMHEALTHY!

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