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One of my friend’s had told me about the weight watcher’s trick of using a can of soda in a cake mix to cut some of the fat out by subbing it for oil and eggs. well, to cut out some of the sugar, i use sparkling water instead. So even though that german chocolate cake might not be great for me, i certainly didn’t add to the already high sugar amount. IYAM(alittlebit)HEALTHY(er)

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Whenever I go out to eat, I don’t order soda. I always just get water with lemon, or an iced tea with no sweetner. IYAMHEALTHY

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I found a neat little trick for us excessive snackers. Tic tacs! Less than 2 calories per tic tac and they take longer to eat so you end up eating less. And it works! Just replacing my usual junk food snacks with tic tacs, I’m down 15 pounds in 1 month because IYAMHEALTHY!

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I have swapped my morning coffee for jasmine tea. Still hot enough to get me out of bed and moving, but caffeine free! IYAMHEALTHY :)

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I realized that I can’t immediately jump into eating healthily, so I made small changes at a time. First, I switched from soda to water, then from refined grains to whole wheat, then started replacing cheap microwaveable meals with wholesome homemade ones. Making each change one at a time made it so much easier and now I’ve made a ton of changes! IYAMHEALTHY

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