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I put 8 elastic bands on my wrist to remind me to drink water. As I drink a glass, I can remove one band. IYAMHEALTHY

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I (still) use a PokeWalker to count my steps! I try to get at least twelve thousand every day without cheating. I get healthy, and when I get enough steps I can catch better Pokemon for my DS game! IYAMHEALTHY.

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I have a treadmill-desk for my home office. It’s basically a raised desk on top of a regular treadmill. Every day, I walk between 6-8 miles while working. It’s not disruptive (I can mouse and type with no problems), and after a few minutes I completely forget I’m walking. Best of all, I not only avoid the pitfalls of what is traditionally a sedentary job (web design & development), but benefit from increased energy levels and productivity thanks to the low-level exercise. IYAMHEALTHY

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I used to have acne here and there. I learned to wash my pillow cases weekly as they can harbor germs and dirt that can cause acne. That did the trick! I’m mostly acne-free now. IYAMHEALTHY

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I stopped eating fast food about 5 years ago. The last time I ate it was New Year’s Day when nothing else was open. I wanted to throw up. After not eating fast food a few times a week, I’ve lost 20 pounds per year. Slowly but surely! IYAMHEALTHY

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